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Success Stories

Eva is an amazing teacher and mentor of the Akashic Records, she has not only taught me how to access the records for myself and others, but she has also helped me break free from a lot of blocks that were hindering me becoming the person I was meant to be and to step into my true purpose. I can honestly say, if it would have not been for Eva and her caring spirit I would not be where I am at today. I not only recommend Eva as a teacher of the Akashic Records but also as a spiritual mentor as she has an immense wisdom which has helped me incorporate my gifts within my own business and with my clients.

Kay Sanders
Intuitive Business Coach, Best-Selling Author and Creator of Possibilities

Soul realignment ....After working with Eva I can sense something has shifted for me. There is more clarity and I know I am closer to my authentic self. I am grateful that things have been cleared and I can see how this allows space for new ideas to flow. Working one one one with Eva has empowered me to contribute to my own self healing. With her guidance and wisdom I am provided with what I benefit most from in that moment on my path.

As a spiritual teacher and life potential coach, Eva offers a gentle, creative approach, demonstrating her ability and knowledge. She intuitively shares her diverse skills to meet the needs of the client and confidently answers questions, ultimately revealing what is most helpful in your journey.

Rev. Kare Stewart

Eva is a warm, loving, and gifted healer; you always feel the light she radiates when you connect with her.

The soul alignment work with Eva gave me the full understanding and a complete perspective of my soul’s evolution level. Its follow-up steps helped me take aligned actions based on my soul’s profile, so I can move forward efficiently.

The procedure not only helps me with my own manifestation, but also enables me to support my clients with better results.

Highly recommend Eva and her wonderful work.

Jenny Li Ciccone
Energy Healer/Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach (EFT Practitioner)
Joyful Journey:

Eva, Thank you for your time and information that you shared with me. By becoming aware of blocks and restriction in my past lives and removing them and coming to terms with past decisions has allowed me to understand why I have had certain experiences in this life. This has allowed me to create new choices and align my actions to these choices to begin my new life now as I want it to be. I am very grateful to Eva for sharing her talents for doing Akashic Readings with me. Thanks again Eva,


I have been coached & mentored by Eva for several years. Learning of the Akashic Records & how to access my personal library. There is a comfort & kinship that is understood as much as it is felt. A Trust.

Doing the Soul Realignment was a fantastic experience. After the 21 days, I felt renewed. Like a weight/s had been lifted. That I had cleared many past life issues.

My contact with AA Jeremiel confirmed that. It opened my mind & heart to greater things to come. I am truly grateful to be part of her journey as she is part of mine!

Louise Kramer

Thank you so much for your powerful Soul Realignment reading.

Prior to this work, I felt ready to make new choices & take action in my life, however I also felt blocked. This clearing work is making it much easier to take new action. I feel energized, motivated and invigorated.

The Soul Realignment work is helping me recognize who I am, my blocks and restrictions and how they can serve me in moving forward and aligning my actions to my divine soul gifts. I feel much more awakened at a divine soul level.



I just want to say how happy I am you decided to take a leap of faith and move into another new realm of helping people with a new mentor. How wonderful for me and the others you will be helping. After only 2 days I feel a difference already. Amazing. Feeling grateful already. Can't wait to see what 21 days will bring my way. I will start to journal my experiences to share with you. Thank you so much. Literally my life has changed since I met you

Barbara Kennedy

Eva's optimism and peaceful presence enticed me to find out how she was finding such joy through her new journey. She helped me access my own latent energies and draw out potential I didn't know I had. With her guidance, I am becoming a stronger person and I'm finding my life more balanced. Anyone looking for healing or a sense of direction and purpose for their life can benefit from Eva's incredible coaching.

Missy Britton

Eva Lukacs is a extra-ordinarily, motivating & compassionate women! Her Reiki and Akashic Records Sessions, motivated me to move forward in life with ease. I relaxed and also found a passion in essential oils. She is truthfully authentic and humble😇. Her passion shines on helping people find their best self & motivating them to take action. Thanks Eva for empowering me to become my true self & love being who I am. Cheers to life and good friends.😇💃 Now my life is even more enriched.

Laurie Hamilton-McCracken

I’ve known Eva for at least 10 years, but I think it may be even longer! She attended my very 1st intro to Akashic Records Seminar at the local college (yes, they were very progressive :)

I think she may have won the award for enrolling in every possible class I’ve taught since then, including training to become a certified Akashic Teacher.

This is one of the many things I admire about her since we are both lifelong learning junkies!

I also adore her because:

1. She is one of the most gentle, grounded souls I know!
2. She puts family first and really understands the importance of nurturing family tribe and soul family tribe energies!
3. She can persevere like nobody’s business! Dedication may just be her middle name (oh, and loyalty)!

I have so much love and respect for her and want to make sure you get to know her as well!

Jennifer Longmore from

Eva is simply an amazing person! She offers wonderful sessions through her meet up groups including meditation, goal setting practises and enlightening seminars. I've had the privilege of private Reiki sessions with her. These sessions have been life changing for me.

She is absolutely the best Reiki practitioner I have ever been to. Eva really has a gift that she has decided to share with the world. I think very highly of her and couldn't recommend her more. She is warm, friendly, giving and well prepared in all she does. I'm very happy I found her and I'm sure you will be thrilled with her sessions as well!

Barb Cooper-Kennedy

I have been blessed to be attending and working with Eva through Akashic Records and Rieki for a couple of years now. I have always believed there was a “spiritual plan” & Akashic has confirmed my belief.

Eva’s leadership and guidance and especially her friendship have been invaluable. In my quest to find deeper meaning & spiritual connection & like-minded individuals/spirits, the growth of personal empowerment is amazing. There is peace within. Many visions & answers to questions have unfolded throughout our sessions. There is rhyme and reason and a better understanding of how past events have affected us and how to work towards overcoming them.

I truly hope that you experience Akashic. Give it time to show itself.

Louise Kramer

If there is one person I admire, it's always been my Mom! Throughout my life she's always been loving, supportive & encouraging. In the past few years she's even gained more wisdom on how to manifest the things you want to have, be & do, while releasing negative emotions, thoughts & feelings that no longer serve you. Even though she's always been a great listener & non judgmental working with her on "how to heal my money story" was a great experience & highly recommended. I was personally & professionally coached & guided through her tools. She's always had great motivation & energy about life & in helping others, but it has become more of a visible glow of enlightenment! I have gained knowledge of tools to help me change "my money story" & the relationships that are attached with my money story. I shifted my thoughts, feelings & actions. I now feel more confident in knowing these great powerful tools to help ME manifest the things I want to be, do & have with ease & effortlessness! Since working with my mom "my money story" has changed instantly & is continously improving. By applying these tools I've become more happier, more at peace, more connected & have manifested more financial abundance! Its very exciting to BE my "NEW money story" & love it! Everyday I'm manifesting faster & easier!
Thank you! xoxo

Alicia Lukacs Hall - Transformational Parenting Coach
USANA Health Sciences
Wellness Coach
Facebook: Feel Healthy & Love Life Now
English & Sign Language

I've had the pleasure of sharing my story with Eva over the last 6 months. Eva is warm, intelligent and delightfully skilled. She is able to tap into an organic flow that makes it very comfortable to be myself. Spending time with her has the ease of talking to a good friend. She creates a fun and safe environment for you to come home to yourself. How wonderful!
My discoveries have been fresh and yet stay with me. The "take-aways" are easy to recall and engage when applicable. These have added both height and depth to my experience of life. Each time we are complete I am more aware of my bigger picture with more elements of choice. I am the better for having connected with a lovely lady.
Delightfully Grateful,

Sylvia Wasiuk

Eva has been a friend of mine for a very long time. How I came about talking to her. We were out for dinner and she explained to me what she was doing and what courses she was taking. Eva asked me if I would get together with her to help in her studies, I agreed. I thought to myself I think she might be a bigger help to me. Thats how it all came together. So we did the first few sessions at my house, talking about things I always kept to myself. I could not believe the journey. I felt better about myself in one session. My mother is no longer an issue. The tapping she taught me is very calming. When I get upset I refer to what she taught me. Now we are and have been working on my Akashic Records. This is a real eye opening experience. I can't wait till my next experience with her. Eva to me is so much better than a doctor she is a true friend with very good listening skills. I still need work but i'll get there with her help. Thank you Eva for approching me. Love,


Eva Lukacs is an uplifting and enlightening soul whose positive energy radiates all around her. Given Eva’s experience and expertise in the field of Coaching, I was prompted to request her opinions and guidance regarding some challenges that I was facing. Whether the challenges I had been dealing with were regarding health, wealth or establishing moral and emotional assessments of particular scenarios, Eva was able to guide me to personally-satisfying solutions. Eva’s approach is always considerate and compassionate – she is very authentic. I highly recommend Eva’s services to anyone in various regards pertaining to personal resolution and growth.

Daniella R.

Eva is a positive, uplifting, smart wonderful woman who has the ability to inspire others to become all that they can be. She shares a belief that anyone can be, do or have anything they truly desire as long as that belief is backed with faith and not doubt. Eva was able to dissolve personal hurtful and resentful issues hiding inside of me through EFT. I have gained inner peace and inner awareness of who I am during my time with her. I am truly abundant I just needed some help to open my eyes, heart and mind. Most importantly I learned the power of using intentions, and how to be the master creator of my own life. I now work together with Source and my Angels to co-create together a wonderful present and future. I hope Eva will bring as much love and light into your world as she did to mine. Thank you,


Working with Eva is a life-altering experience for me. Eva has guided me, gently, to overcome the devastating effects of negative energy in my life situation. By elevating my energy level, I am able to realize the dynamics of the negative forces in my life that prevent me from functioning at my optimal level. Eva's reinforcement and coaching sessions assist to maintain my personal life satisfaction while releasing the negative and stressful energies in my life, with love and true understanding

C.I.S. Ontario


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